Equipment Ordering & Overview

SAR Equipment Ordering & Overview

To order SAR equipment, complete the appropriate order form below and mail it to SAR or contact SAR directly for an order by phone.

SAR 2018-2019 School Year Order Form

SAR Order Form 2018_2019 School Year


SAR 2018-2019 Supplemental Order Form

SAR Supplemental Order Form 2018_2019 School Year


SAR Equipment Kit

The following items make up a standard SAR equipment kit. Use of the SAR equipment is covered in the BARI guide and BARI training.

a. (10) Embark Air Rifles (download ASTM certification below)



b. (1) Storage Trunk

c. (2) Collapsible Rifle Racks

d. (1) Rifle Maintenance/Cleaning Kit

e. (2) Lockable Rifle Storage Containers

f. 25 SAR Journey pellets per student

g. (1) Lockable Pellet Storage Container

h. (30) Pairs of Universal Fit Safety Glasses and (10) pairs of Small Frame Safety Glasses

i. (1) 10’ x 30’ Ballistic Pellet Curtain

j. (5) Target Holders

k. 3 Reactive Targets per student

l. SAR Eleven Steps to Air Riflery Success Banner

m. SAR Safety Rules Banner

SAR School Referral Program

Existing SAR schools can earn free equipment with the SAR School Referral Program. Look at the flyer below for more information.

SAR School Referral Program_Promo 2017